Mentions in different font styles

Is there a way to add tags and mentions in text blocks that have different styles? For example, I might have text in the pre-formatted/monospaced style, but I might like to add mention or tag for extra context and searchability:

@jimmy-james said: "I think we should just die with our boots on."

No, it won’t work in there. One option may be to add it before or after the block. Another would be to use fixed width inline style, and body for the tags in the same line.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with any formatted style, inline or block.

It would be a lot nicer if it could be in the flow of the text. At least the mentions, because it’s usually part of a phrase like - I spoke with @that-guy about the #thing.

We hear you. We have a new style coming called “block quote”, which will work like normal body text, but have an indented and altered appearance. We are working on this now.

The current preformatted was intended more for programmer etc, where you don’t want formatting.

The inline style should work in half a paragraph or line, so you could turn it off at the end of a paragraph, and enter a tag there. You could then turn it back on to continue in monospaced font if you want. So you could do what you want, I think, by switching the fixed width style off and on. It works the same way as bold, italic etc.

Hopefully the block style will satisfy you when it arrives. Should be next version all going well.