Marking notes Done AND On The Agenda iOS

Reviewing a lot of notes that are on the Agenda in one go, marking them Done and Off The Agenda, would be less frustrating if the changes could be made without having to open the menu twice for each note.

Could the menu stay open for a couple of seconds to allow time to select multiple options? Or could tap and hold make the menu open with a delay or until dismissed?


We’ll have to think about it, there’s no standard behaviour in iOS I believe

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+1 for this

Alternatively, what I have seen in a number of apps, is the ability to select multiple items (ie notes) and apply batch changes. Would still take two invocations of the menu to check and remove from the agenda, but at least the check/remove actions could apply to more than one note at a time. Is that more standard?

Hi Abby, might be useful, but not what I need for my situation. I am processing a number of notes, but sequentially rather than in a batch.

Or have one menu item that does both, for instance, “Done” automatically removes it from the Agenda since it is done and no longer needs to be there. I do the same thing myself and I am constantly having to do both actions.

In this case the most sensible option would indeed be to add a preference that when marking as done we also take the item off the agenda.


I’d love to see a preference like this in Settings as well. Thanks!

+1 to that!