Managing the influx

I’m curious how people manage the influx of projects in Agenda without ending up with an unmanageable project list on the sidebar. I started with one project per client (I manage many outside clients), but can also have multiple projects tied to each one, which means those notes can get jumbled within the single project. I could break it down further, but I am afraid of having hundreds of projects hanging forever on the sidebar. One thing I thought of is, as a project completes, to export it as a PDF for archive then purge it. Just curious how others are handling the long view.

Know what you mean. My sidebar has a sales funnel in it, for example. It’s a category that ranges from “1. Suspect”, “2. Prospect” to “8. won”. Notes and documents on Potential clients follow this path. So notes on phonecalls with prospects end up in “2. Prospects” and reports from a meeting where we made a deal go into “8. Won”.

Notes are name-tagged (company names), so if I want an overview of some client, I search on its name tag.

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I made that mistake to start with, but I’ve backed off a bit: I have one “knowledge base” project per legal entity - myself, my freelance businss, a busines I run with a partner and a business I do a far amount of contracting for. I have an inbox for dumping into and a Journal project for daily bullet journal like entries. My overall project and task lists are in OmniFocus, which is much better at managing that sort of thing. I use tagging for projects and people for clients and organisations. If I’m using a search a lot I’ll save it into the overview while I’m working on that project.

When I’m working on project(x) today I’ll just search for tag project(x).