macOS Share Sheet


I have to small things regarding the share sheet.

  1. It would be nice be able to choose Today and on the agenda here.
  2. On top off the first item in den list the space is to small (just a cosmetic thing).

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-22 um 08.16.34

Best regards

The second issue we hope to have fixed in the next release. Adding the today and on the agenda overviews there is unfortunately a technical challenge that is more difficult, probably not in the immediate future alas.

btw all notes that I add via share sheet are set OTA automatically - even though I have that setting disabled in my preferences. Is that intentional?

Strange, it should honour that preference. Does it help if you tick and untick the preference in the Agenda preferences?

Also, is this on Mac, iOS or both?

Yep! Thanks

OK, then I know where it came from, thanks!