MacOS Share Menu

Please add the ability in Agenda for it to be added the MacOS’s share menu. The ability to do so is available in Apple’s notes program so when browsing I can add specific websites directly to a collection of notes….thanks….dl


Thanks for the feedback! We have plans for this type of functionality. Stay tuned!


Bump: please keep this request alive. Agenda in the macOS share menu (iOS too, of course) would make my life complete :nerd_face: (sort of).

Yes, we would like to do this. It is in the roadmap.

The ability to share a note directly to an email message would be extremely useful

You should be able to do that. Does it not work? Just using the Share menu?

Please add Share support for both iOS and Mac!

The Share menu works. I didn’t even notice it existed. Was expecting Share to be a sub-menu on the File menu.

I support this request, please add Agenda to the Share menu from MacOS

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We have plans to do this, but it requires quite some work, namely to be able to guide the content into the project etc that you want, and whether it should be a new note. But we do plan to do it. Stay tuned!


Thanks for feedback!

The same would be great in iOS!