macOS Services?

This app so far checks a lot of boxes; however, is there any chance of adding Services so I can, for example, select text in one app and then create a note from that? (Also select a document from finder, or email from Mail/Outlook… etc.).

To keep it simple and effective, maybe allow the selection of default Project to save these in (i.e. an Inbox type thing), rather then having to select a project each time. That way as I work throughout the day I can add important items that I come across quickly and easily with a simple custom keystroke. And them sort through them later.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, these are things on our roadmap.

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Same idea here for Calendar: I’d love to simply link a new note to an already existing event, starting from the Calendar app.

Sorry to bump this old topic, but my feedback seems close enough to avoid creating a new one.