Lost paragraph through sync

What I did: I cut-and-pasted two paragraphs from one note into another, and rewrote a new single paragraph in their place in the original note, with a new heading. this was on my macbook pro

What happened: later that day I looked at the note on my iMac (which had been shut down), and found the new paragraph replaced by the two old ones, but under the new heading. this change was also on my macbookpro where I had made the edit earlier!

What I expected: not to lose the new paragraph I wrote!

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda version 7.0, macOS mojave on the macbook pro, macOS catalina on the iMac, sync through icloud

Very sorry you had this issue.

It is an unusual problem, which makes it difficult to track down. To summarise, you made some changes on one computer, and the other computer only registered some of those changes (eg didn’t register the new paragraph or deletion of old one).

Q: What happened on the MacBook Pro? Did you also see the data loss there, or is it all fine?

Another Q: Do you remember the order you made the changes. Did you, for example, write the heading first, then cut/delete the paragraphs, and then write the new paragraph? This is actually important to determine where things might be going wrong.

Kind regards,

The state of the note on the MBP is the same as the iMac, so I’m guessing the old paragraph on the iMac somehow overwrote the new one on the MBP.

I think I first copied the old paragraph, then deleted it and wrote a new header, then wrote the new paragraph a short while later. But I’m not 100% sure.

It’s a bit difficult to say what could have happened. If you see this happen again, please let us know.