+1 for Czech localization

Russian, please!!!

Hello French Canadian here, and I can give a hand with translation!

I can help you for French translation. I’ve made it 15 years ago for create application [www.stone.com]
Thanks a lot for your fantastic work.
Best regards

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+1 en français : n’hésitez pas à me mettre à contribution (what about a french localisation topic for all french volunteers :wink:)

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+1 here for German. You can contact me at any time to help with the localization.



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Count on me if you need help for Brazilian Portuguese PT-BR. Would love to help :slight_smile:

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+1 Slovak. I can help with translations to Slovak language.

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Аааа. Когда же будет добавлена поддержка русского языка? :Не смешно:
When will Russian language support be added?

Russian is indeed among the top requested languages, will do our best to support it later this year.


korean! plz

I‘d be pleased to help with german localisation :grin:

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  • for Turkish language support

Another German user.
+1 for German localization.
Just ask for help. If you need a reference check ClamXAV and ask Mark :slight_smile:

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I can provide you some help with the French translation.
Feel free to let me know, it will be a pleasure to help you out!

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I may be of some help translating from English to French and/or Spanish…

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+1 Spanish (European). I can help to translate.

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  • 1 Swedish

Polish please. I can help with translation.

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+1 en français !