Thanks, we’ll have a look.


I’d love to see the app in Portuguese (European) so I volunteer to help! :relaxed:


Chinese. Thanks a lot




+1 for German localization.

Could provide help with Polish, Slovenian, French and Spanish (European) translation by native speakers.

Feel free to contact me, we really like your app and think your approach will bring some fresh thinking into the shambolic jungle of note taking apps around these days. Would be nice to contribute in some way.


Hi there !
could help with french if need

Canada here


When do you expect to start providing localization?
Have any plan?


We can’t provide a date yet, if only because we won’t ship all translations in one go for sure, so it also depends on the language. It’s however the thing we’ll focus on after the next update, so hopefully you’ll see the first localisations appear in the first half of this year still. Obviously also depends on how many issues we hit along the way.