+1 Russian. I can help to translate agenda.


I can help with Swedish translation


Thanks all, we continue to register those who offer to help us translate and will be in touch the moment you can help us out.


Hey, +1 French.
Could do the translation from ENG to FR.


Another French helper here ! :slight_smile:


I can help to translate to Japanese!


Korean!!! Thank you.


+1 Chinese and msg me if anything I can help.


I can help with the Danish translation :slight_smile:

PS: The link from
“The features we are working on right now…” (hyperlink text: “Please let us know”) is broken.


Thanks, I’ve also fixed the link.


Khmer, please. Thank you so much.


I would favour german, too. If you need help, just mail me.


+1 for Italian, so my wife can use Agenda :slight_smile:


Por favor, es necesario el idioma español para esta maravillosa aplicación.


+1 Traditional Chinese, plz!


I can help with Turkish translation