Links when editing a note should be left inactive

When editing a note on iPhone (see footnote Re iPad), my big fat sausage fingers unwontedly land on a string of text which just happens to be a link to another note, a webpage or what have you.

Indeed, I need to learn muscle memory such that my fingers land on empty text at the level of the line I’m currently editing, then move the cursor with the onscreen keyboard (à la trackpad), so as not to have these mishaps over and over (…and over and over and over…) again.

Wouldn’t it be soooo much simpler if those links would just be inactive, forcing the user (as a feature, not as a bug) to leave edit mode in order to make the link active?

Is there a setting for this already? If so, I can’t find it.


Footnote On iPad I use Apple Pencil so it’s less of a problem but still happens

Thanks for the feedback, it’s indeed a bit of a painful compromise. The issue is that you also don’t want to make opening a link a two step process always as that can be equally annoying. We’ll see if we can make it depend on the editing state of the note.

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