Linking to notes - can they default to ‘expanded'

What I did: Clicked a link to another one of my notes.

What happened: I was taken to the note in it’s closed ‘unexpanded’ form

What I expected: To be taken to the note in an open form, as I clicked the link hoing to read the note. Having to then expand the note seems like a needless further step.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
This is on the Mac.


We’ll have a think about this. It will become even more an issue when we allow private notes, that are locked. It would be a problem if such a note opened automatically.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks. To me, it just makes navigating through a number of notes much more fluid.

In an ideal world I would suggest automatically expanding regular notes, and keeping private notes closed until credentials / password entered, if that would be possible.