Link to file on disk

hi - maybe you find this info useful: i really like the possibility to attach documents. nevertheless from time to time i just want to link to a file (to change it where it is and have it always up to date in agenda) - on osx it works like this: you copy the file path (you can make it visible on the bottom of a finder window) with right click and choosing the option (… copy as pathname) - copy the link into agenda (i write a description, select it and press cmd+k - then i paste the url) - you have to put file:/// in front of it. when you click the description a finder window opens with the file selected.

Great tip, note that you can also drag a file from the finder and hold the control key while releasing the file in the note that is being edited to achieve the same result.

haha ok … have not found the easy way in the forum … thanks!

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