Link to Calendar (2024)

When I attempt to link a note that is not already assigned to a date to a calendar event and already has content entered, by default the calendar pulls up October 2024 when I am using both Mac/iOS.

If the note has just been created and does not have anything in it, it will link to the current date. On Mac, the dropdown list can be used to navigate back to this month relatively quickly, but on iOS it takes quite a bit of scrolling just to get back to where it should have started. It would be much more convenient if the link to calendar feature pulled up the current date. In the past I had only tried linking notes that I had already writtten in to events, so I thought that it always pulled up a futuristic date, but while trying to figure it out, it ended up working intuitively if the note was empty.

That’s bizarre. What happens when you don’t have a date associated with a note is that Agenda tries to parse a date from the title of the note, for instance if your note is titled “Conference 8 june” it should open at 8 June. Somehow in your case the title “LIT291 Week 12” is recognised by Apple’s date parser as October 2024. From a quick test it seems it’s thinking you want something in 291 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

For now the workaround is to select the “Oct 30, 2024” in the right hal of the panel and you can type “today” there or another date to quickly bring you where you need to be. We’ll see if we can fix this issue.