Link one note to multiple calendar events

For some meetings (many of them repeating in the calendar, some of them ad hoc), I like to keep one rolling note that contains the actions list and similar. Is there a way I can have the same note attached to multiple calendar items?


This indeed has been requested more often, for now we’d like to stick to a 1:1 relationship though. One solution is to create a “summary note” and use Agenda links to create a kind of “index card” to the individual notes for each event. Or alternatively, you could add a specific tag to all notes that related to the same series of events, e.g. #teammeeting, which you could then create a smart overview for that ties them all together in one overview.

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FYI, I’ve just started using your app. After a couple days I already want to link one note to multiple events. I will try these suggestions though to be a good sport!

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I really like the idea of a index card/summary note. To this end, it’d be useful to have the ability to highlight a handful of relevant notes and generate a table of contents in a new note that has links to all the highlighted existing notes. I crossed my fingers and tried this by highlighting notes and attempting to copy as an Agenda link, but I was only able to past the link for a single note. I’d like that process to paste a list of links to the highlighted notes.

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My vote is here, I also regularly need to link one note to multiplay appointments.

Would love to have this feature…

I’d also like to see this functionality! Especially when one topic is rehashed over multiple meetings on different days. Currently, I just assign my note to the first event and continue editing during subsequent events, adding the agenda note link from the original note in the ‘URL’ section of the related subsequent event(s) (or if you dont have premium, add the link as a ’note’ in your calendar. It’s not searchable or quantifiable in a list, but by doing this I can easily find the large, unified, already-compiled note later if all I know is ‘we talked about it last monday for the tenth time’. I started doing this because compiling notes and trying to figure out what to compress where after the fact/later is annoying, especially if i forget to tag or spell the tag differently because I’m typing fast.

On that note, I would like to suggest to the development team adding a ‘last edited’ (easiest and probably faster to implement) or preferably a ‘dates edited’ section for each note, to show a list of the date(s) the note was edited (maybe also the time of day it was edited, but really not necessary, as this would be more invovled and could slow the program if the time edited updated to show the last edited time of day every single time you typed).

Agenda probably already stores the ‘date edited’ data in the background somewhere because Agenda syncs with the cloud, so it wouldnt be a giant undertaking!

The ‘dates edited’ section could appear in a section below both ‘recently edited’ and ‘related notes’ in the collapsible related panel using the same idea/format as both.

This addition would probably serve to allieve the issue for a lot of people.

With the ‘dates edited’ in the related panel, if a user wanted to, they could use the dates edited to scroll in their calendar and look to see what events were on that day if they need to (and thus know the dates the note was relevant/edited).

Personally, when I’m wanting to link the dates to multiple events the main reason is to see how many times the issue came up/how deeply we covered it. The title/topics covered in the note are already listed as the category, project, or note title, so usually what the note is about isn’t an issue; its when/on what dates the note was relevant.

Thus if I link the note to the first relevant event and see the note was edited on three dates a week for a month, if I didnt already know, I could use the first linked calendar event to know what meeting that was/who was involved.

Also, if a user is using the notes for different, non-recurring events they probably have the second event in their calendar, and could use the dates edited to scroll in their calendar to see.

This idea is a little clunkier for the user because the ‘dates edited’ wouldnt be searchable, but its a good compromise because it’s easier on the programming side and would probably be a good compromise that would make most users happy.