Line separator?

If there any possibility to create a line to separate the text into a note?

In Word there is the shortcut “—”, so a Line will be created from left to right.

So I’m looking for a similar possibility in your Agenda app.

If there any possibility?




This would help me keep my notes nice and clean!

Not yet but it’s a request we have seen more often indeed.

I was about to suggest the same thing. This is a really simple and powerful tool in Evernote.

Yes, I fully agree. A line to separate each task would be a plus !!

+1… direly needed!

+1 Bump!

Still waiting…

I use autocorrect to insert a line when I type &_&.
Works good enough until a better solution is available.

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Ah yeah, of course. Thanks for the reminder. Nice idea.

Kind regards