Limit search to categories

I have a hard time understanding why there is no search that can be limited to a category.

I thought perhaps that I’d missed something in the documentation. If there was a ‘reserved’ tag “#category” that accepted a parameter, it would be consistent with the way one now sets a search for #date(—your parameter here—)

Being a newb on Agenda, I’ll look to see whether I can get around this by establishing a ‘private’ categorization scheme that will limit projects searched to those with an appropriate tag included.


Indeed more powerful search features are on our own wishlist as well, we have some ideas in the direction you suggest, stay tuned!


I think this wuold be extremely powerful.
This can change the way I use Aganda, replacing my project manager app.
Consider develop it asap.

I use the category feature on the one hand as an ongoing category like an area of interesst in my life/work. On the other hand I use it as a living super-project. So more like a big project.

  • In both ways it would be nice to limit a search by categories.
  • In second way it would be nice to have the possibility to archive (sub-)categories.
  • May be it would be easier to implement the possibility to creat sub-project
    • so you have the over-all-search in the main-project
    • and the possibility to archive an special sub-project

I work well with the App without these features, they are not urgent to me: just to be mentioned.