Light subscription

Hello. I love Agenda and I would like to contribute to your work, but, as of it is right now, I don’t really need any of the premium features that much.

Also, since I live in Brazil, the yearly subscription costs about R$ 200, which is 1/5 of the minimal monthly wage (which is really expensive by Brazilian terms).

So, I would like to suggest a light subscription, which would grant the user to pick only 2 of the premium features, but would cost USD 10 instead of 35.

I would gladly pay 10 per year to be able to access some not required but cool features (such as archive projects or pin notes for example), knowing that I am helping your work in the process.

Since I have a lot of experience with software development, I know that depending on how the lock/unlock of features is implemented, that will be either very easy or very hard to do, but please keep that in mind.

Also, I would probably pay the whole amount if you guys add a fully featured web version, so I can use the same notes on windows or linux.

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Thanks for the feedback, I don’t think we’ll offer more options in this direction (neither trials etc) just because it would make what is perhaps already stretching things with a bit of an uncommon business model, become even more complex. Also, adding a “pick-and-choose” model would not fit very well with the current way of how the Agenda model works.

Having said all that, I think it’s important to stress a few things:

First, it’s fine if you are happy with the free app and continue using it for free forever without buying the premium features (if you feel the value for money isn’t there). We’ll continue adding premium features and perhaps at some point you will then feel those features are worth the money.

Second, and also important, Agenda does not feature a yearly subscription, in fact, one of the key parts of the model is that you can “hop on and off” as you see fit. i.e. you can buy the current premium features, which become yours to keep forever and include 12 months of new features, but not buy again for a while and hold off paying again for a few years until you find that the new features that you don’t yet have are worth the price. That’s perfectly fine too.