Landscape orientation problem

What I did: Often I’ll accidentally shift to a landscape orientation when I’m taking notes on the go on my iPhone 8. I never use my phone in landscape except for watching videos and reading small text.

What happened: More often than not, the note I’m working in disappears. It just glitches and the only way to bring it back is to open up a different note and then return.

What I expected: 1) for the note to not disappear, and 2) it would be nice to lock orientation within the app so that don’t have to mess with the total software one all of the time when I’m not using Agenda

Also, on an unrelated note, occasionally when I’m trying to pull up a text modifier menu (like bold, italics, bullets) the toolbars will open and crash immediately. It usually fixes after several attempts, but can be incredibly frustrating.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Latest Agenda version, and latest iOS update on iPhone 8

Thanks for reporting this.

I just did a few tests, but switching between portrait and landscape, at least on iPhone Xs, seemed to do what I expected. So perhaps there is some other factor at play.

Next time you see this happen, can you note the circumstances, and let us know? Eg. Is it when the app has been in the background for a while, and you bring it to the foreground in landscape mode. Something like that.

I have not search of the toolbar “crashing”. Do you mean the toolbar goes away? Or do you mean the whole app crashes?

You aren’t on the new iOS 13 beta, right?