Laggy after update the app

What I did: updated to the latest version no lagging. Also thumbnails not showing.

What happened: still laggy and closing app after scrolling notes

I’m on ipad 2018 iospad 13.1.1

Is this with our latest 8.0.1 version of Agenda? Please update if not.

What sort of files were the missing thumbnails? Do you see the file if you tap on them?

Yes, it is with the latest update.
The link of the thumbnails are working. It’s the thumbnail itself that doesn’t show as you can see in the picture I have attached in my previous message.

What types of files are the thumbnails of? Are they PDF files?


Another challenge facing.
When creating a new note and I want to assign a file or a date I should have a button to confirm. However when the new note is created in the bottom of the list when assign a date I can’t get to the confirm button. Attached a photo to visualize the problem

This is a known issue we hope to address asap, thanks for reporting. The PDF not showing a thumbnail has already been fixed and should be in the next update.

Thanks for the update.
The lagg problem is still annoying. When I scroll through the notes it exit the program. Everytime.
So there might be an other issue somehow.
At the moment I cant use the agenda.

What happens when I reinstall the app.

It’s seems when using the dark theme there’s a little less lagg and it doesn’t exit the app when scrollng.
Still I should be able to use the app with no dark theme too…l

That’s very odd. We’re very sorry about that. Could you email us any crash logs still on your device? You can check by going into Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data when you tap a crash report prefixed with Agenda can you tap the export icon in the top right corner and email it to me at

I did let it crash again by using the light theme and then scroll thru through the notes but it didn’t made a log of it.

Crashes also with white theme.

I sent you a crashfile. I am not sure if it’s what you need but it is the latest report

Ah, are you not running version 8.0.2? The crash logs states version 7, which might explain some things…

Ah, that’s a crash from september 26, there are no newer ones on the device?

No don’t have of a more recent occasion. It crashes but no report is generated. I am on 8.0.2

Strange, we’ll continue to investigate then, keep us posted on any additional clues.

Ok no problem :+1: