I have an iPad mini and an iPad Air 3.

I’ve been using Agenda as a journal, among other things. Keeps everything very nicely organized.

I’ve had Day One for years. When they went with a private server I didn’t want to upgrade. Well, they’ve reputedly sold their app to a shady company. While my entries are not on their server, I’d still like to get them out. I have about 350+ entries with photos. Nothing fancy and I tend not to use tags.

Is there a way I can import them into Agenda? I use to use Hazel etc on my laptop but frankly with an IPad I’m stumped. Think simple, please.

If I do three a day I might have this under control by October!

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated and I can upgrade Agenda.

Also, maybe in the future you could possibly password protect Agenda? Then it would be PERFECT. Seriously.

As per your advice, I believe, I have VPN but I still worry as I write far too much.

I think the biggest problem is probably exporting the data from Day One. It seems there is an option to export as Plain Text, with the photos in a folder. It sounds like it is one big file, which is not so handy.

Agenda should be able to import plain text files, but I fear you would lose the photos or have to add them separately.

I guess we could look at supporting import of the Day One JSON format, but that wouldn’t be a simple change.

More info here: Exporting entries | Day One Help

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You’re terrific, Drew!

I can get the photos out as there are not that many of them.

Thanks for all of your help!