Issues with the macOS Agenda 3 beta



I installed the Agenda 3.0 beta today and experienced a few issues I thought I should report here.
• When I first launched the app, it froze for a few minutes (sample attached). Sample of Agenda.txt (125.3 KB)

• I explored the preferences. At first, the app said I had no calendars. After a couple of minutes, the calendars were listed again, but I noticed that instead of the one calendar that was selected with version 2.6, all my calendars were now re-selected in the preferences. I deselected all the calendars I didn’t need again, but the app froze frequently as I was doing this.

• I decided to play with the new file attachment. I added an RTF document, a PDF and 2 Prism files. In the process, the app gave me the spinning beachball quite a few times as well (sample attached) Sample of Agenda (file).txt (1.3 MB)



Did you completely reinstall the app by any chance? The beach balling, as well as calendar selection hangs, point that this is perhaps unrelated to the attachment feature but rather to the calendar bottlenecks you have already reported earlier. We’ll investigate.


It was an upgrade through the built-in auto-update mechanism.
The app was already configured in v 2.6 before I installed 3.0, but still, the calendar selection was reset.
It’s possible that the same issue with calendars was triggered here as well (since all calendars were again selected), but at least in the past, unselecting the calendars seemed to cure the spinning beachballs issues.
I only added files to the document after I had re-made the calendar selection.
Hopefully the samples will help you figure out what’s wrong.


Are you saying that even with a single calendar it still beach balls? It can also be that due to the large number of calendar updates, the sync is keeping agenda busy a lot in the background. Does it become better if you leave it running for a while?


Yesterday, it still beach balled with only one calendar selected (that’s the second app sample I submitted).
I left it running all night and it seemed to be responsive this morning.
I decided to quit the app, waited an hour or so and relaunched it. It took a full minute before it displayed any content. After the though, it seemed to be responsive again.



That full minute wait is definitely the calendar issue you reported earlier, hopefully it won’t be too long before that gets improved, after the images and attachments, performance will be a big focus for us.


No issues here, so far. Just a question/suggestion. It would be great if images could be opened and marked up … now that works (I double click on the image in my Agenda note, it opens in Preview and I can use the standard macOS annotation tools), however, the changes are not saved into the image in the note, but rather into a copy elsewhere. Would it be possible to allow this kind of annotation with the image remaining attached to the note?


It’s the kind of stuff we’d like to add down the road, but these are longer term plans at the moment.


I also see long-lasting beachballing when macOS v3 beta launches. (Complete new install, not an overwrite of 2.x). Beachballing happens everytime Agenda 3 is launched.


Could this be because it’s still syncing in your library from iCloud? This is taxing the system perhaps, what if you let it run for 10-15 min? Does it get better?


It gets “better” but never as good as 2.x, which loads up instantly without beachballs. I had beachballs again this morning when I started v3, waited five minutes and thought v3 was loaded, went to delete an older note I didn’t need, and that kicked off the beachball for a minute. Are there any diagnostics we can capture and forward to you?


Did you disable a set of calendars that got re-enabled again?


No. Same calendars I’ve used since well before Agenda was first released.


If you see this again, can you open up Activity Monitor app, select Agenda in the list, and choose “Sample Process” from the cog item menu? Send the results to