Is this an intended valid use of reminders?

I hope this usage is intended, because it’s very useful.

  1. A note (call it “Document actions”) has a number of items that need to be taken care off. Say, one is “PMP final version”. I select a line, and make a reminder for October 29 from now using \remind and the reminder dialog.
  2. In the calendar for October 29 I click the reminder “PMP final version” and click “New note with reminder”, which creates a new note with the name “PMP final version”.
  3. Now I have my original note (“Document actions”) with a line linked to that reminder, and a separate note for the day of the reminder that is linked to the reminder.

This is really useful because I can keep my original list of actions and have individual notes for the actions on that list as they come due, the “Related Notes” section helps keep track of these notes.

But before I start depending on this as a real feature, I want to check that the Agenda crew intends that things should work this way.

While I can see why you’d want to do this, I’m afraid you found a loophole that we ought to really close. In principle you can only link a single reminder to a single note. What happens is that there’s apparently a bug where the newly created reminder isn’t immediately marked as being linked, and thus it allows to create a new note for that reminder. You’ll notice that the next time you start Agenda it’s no longer possible.

While out of the top of my head I don’t think you’ll hit many issues if you do this, I can’t guarantee that changes made for the reminder in one note are also correctly reflected in the other note. We therefore don’t recommend doing this, and as said, it will probably not be possible any longer after an update some time in the future.

Ugh. Bug or not, it’s disappointing this isn’t possible. It’s a work around for a major shortcoming in Agenda: the ability to quickly make a new note linked to the selected text in another note.

My meeting notes include action lists, and I want to not only schedule an action but link to a new note dedicated just to that action, but linked back to the meeting notes.

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Not sure if this is the original poster’s use case, but when you say “you can only link a single reminder to a single note”, is that in both directions? In other words, I understand that a reminder should only be linked to one note, but a single note should be able to have multiple reminders embedded within. For example, i have an “scratch” note that is just various miscellaneous items that I think about over the course of the day, and each item is tied to a separate reminder.

Hm. Not sure if I get all this stuff right but I just added some reminders into one single not, different paragraphs. But the note is only linked to one reminder, in fact the first one I set.

So where is the sense to be able adding multiple remknders to one note???



You can have as many reminders in a note as you like, but each reminder is for one note.

There might be a bug where neighbouring reminders get combined. We are investigating.

Yeah. Think so. Thanks for investigating.