Is anything shared with the event at all?

I just started using Agenda, and my usecase is basically have private personal notes attached to meetings I have with other people. Therefore, having anything I write being shown to anyone else can be disastrous for me.
I assumed notes stay on Agenda, but for every event I link I immediately get all the info from the original event note - which made me think maybe they are somehow sync? If I edit that info will it be edited back to the event?

I am using Exchange calendar through macOS if that matters…


This is indeed exactly the reason why we don’t sync your Agenda notes back into the calendar events. You can be assured that shared invitees etc will not be able to see the notes you write in Agenda.


That’s perfect! Thank you! smile:

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So to Clarify. If I create a note in Agenda and link it to a calendar event in a calendar that is shared with my employees they cannot open those notes even though the links to the notes are there and they can click on that link?

That is correct, they can click the link but not access your note’s contents.