iOS Spotlight Search

Hello, support for iOS Spotlight Search would be great :slight_smile:


Definitely on our radar, thanks for the feedback.

I just tested Agenda for macOS, Spotlight is not supported too :frowning:

That’s right, we still aim to get to it at some point.

Alfred on macOS search support would also be great.

I created an account to request Spotlight search on both iOS and macOS.

Today I couldn’t find a note that I’d taken, and I wasn’t sure whether I’d made the note in Agenda or in the Notes app, so I tried to Spotlight search for it. I got really concerned when I couldn’t find the note: I was worried that I might have lost some data, due to maybe a bad sync.

In the end I found the note that I was looking for; it was in Agenda, but not in the project I thought it was in.

If I were able to do a global search via Spotlight, this whole situation of worry could have been avoided!

I agree! Spotlight search missing is a big miss…

+1 I am working with Agenda and Devonthink - and it is becomming complicated to find my pieces of information with no global search

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I’m fresh here and trying to move my Drafts notes on meetings to Agenda. Spotlight search is a badly missed feature now.

+1 Spotlight support for notes applications is absolutely must have. I still haven’t moved with my notes to agenda because of it.

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Agenda is so close to becoming a daily driver for me, but the lack of Spotlight Search for notes is still a dealbreaker. I don’t know where it is on your hit list, but I hope that this is a top priority for the team.

Any news on this? Spotlight search is very important for me, too.

Alas, no news yet, I’m afraid it’s not in the top priority list at the moment, a few other things are more urgent still.

I’m really enjoying your app, but the lack of spotlight support is really unfortunate. Any idea when this will be worked on?

See my answer above

My vote is also here for the Spotlight support.

I think Apple should reject applications without spotlight support. It’s impossible to work normally without global search.

Also vote for Spotlight search. It’s essential to have a single point for searching.

If no app would support Spotlight search, every user need to remember the app or open app by app. Not really useful.

As it’s been a couple of months, is there any update on progress with this?

As with many others, without spotlight search the app is unusable for me.

We don’t have an update at the moment other than that the foundational changes needed to add a spotlight indexing extension have been made, which does bring it a step closer. Unfortunately we don’t have an ETA for you yet.

+1 On spotlight search but not over searching for open loops