iOS Spotlight Search

Hello, support for iOS Spotlight Search would be great :slight_smile:


Definitely on our radar, thanks for the feedback.

I just tested Agenda for macOS, Spotlight is not supported too :frowning:

That’s right, we still aim to get to it at some point.

Alfred on macOS search support would also be great.

I created an account to request Spotlight search on both iOS and macOS.

Today I couldn’t find a note that I’d taken, and I wasn’t sure whether I’d made the note in Agenda or in the Notes app, so I tried to Spotlight search for it. I got really concerned when I couldn’t find the note: I was worried that I might have lost some data, due to maybe a bad sync.

In the end I found the note that I was looking for; it was in Agenda, but not in the project I thought it was in.

If I were able to do a global search via Spotlight, this whole situation of worry could have been avoided!

I agree! Spotlight search missing is a big miss…

+1 I am working with Agenda and Devonthink - and it is becomming complicated to find my pieces of information with no global search

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I’m fresh here and trying to move my Drafts notes on meetings to Agenda. Spotlight search is a badly missed feature now.

+1 Spotlight support for notes applications is absolutely must have. I still haven’t moved with my notes to agenda because of it.

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Agenda is so close to becoming a daily driver for me, but the lack of Spotlight Search for notes is still a dealbreaker. I don’t know where it is on your hit list, but I hope that this is a top priority for the team.