iOS Multitasking Bug

What I did: Loaded safari. Then tried to open Agenda in a multitask view adjacent to safari.

What happened: Both apps crashed off screen.

What I expected: Agenda to be docked alongside or atop Safari.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iPad Air 2 with iOS 12.1.4

We’re very sorry about that. Could you email us any crash logs still on your device? You can check by going into Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data when you tap a crash report prefixed with Agenda can you tap the export icon in the top right corner and email it to me at

Thank you, though no need for apologies. Bugs and software go together. :slight_smile:

I’ve emailed you.

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I also experience this bug. I did find that if Agenda is the first app open, its less frequent to crash. If another app is open first (not only Safari), It will crash the majority of the time.

If the crash does occure, it still keeps both apps running in the background. They have to be physically closed and restarted again in the correct order.

Thanks guys, we’ll dive into it.

I have also had this issue. Also crashes when I try to swipe up the dock and just choose Agenda to switch over to without split screen.

We believe we have fixed the issue in the upcoming update.

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