iOS keyboard support


Trying out Agenda, mainly on iPad Pro, lots of things to love, but feels like some key elements of external keyboard support missing, or I’m not finding them. In particular simply moving up or down through a list of notes, ideally just using Arrow Keys. Tried on macOS and found the shortcuts, which while more complex than I would ideally like work ok, but same key combination on iOS doesn’t do anything, and the only way I can get from one note to another on the iPad is by touch. Am I missing something?

Many thanks and keep up the good work, looks really promising.

You mean moving with keys to another note, not a task within a note, right?

I don’t think we have shortcuts to do that yet. You would indeed scroll with your fingers and tap to select. We will see if we can add some.

Hi Drew,

Yes exactly, moving from one note to the next by using the up or down arrow.

Came across another place today it would work great; CTRL-N to create a new note, then you’re presented with list of projects to link it to. Again if you could select from that list using arrow keys and then Return to select, would make the process that much slicker.

Generally find touch works great when using the iPad on its own, but with an external keyboard the more you can use that the better, certainly for text entry apps like agenda. FWIW and I’m sure you know it, but my reference point for best external keyboard support is Things 3 task manager, not a totally dissimilar app in terms of user interaction.

Thanks again,