iOS Beta - How to install?



I’ve just upgraded to Ver 3.0 (53). How do I get hold of the iOS Beta?


Reply on this thread and devs will add you in: Can I join the iOS Beta?


It says access denied. How do obtain access?


Please add me to the iOS Beta.

Thank yoiu,



Apologies, the link should be: Can I join the iOS Beta?


I managed to et the right link, thanks. I’ve downloaded the IoS beta version and I’m very pleased with it.

Bets wishes



Great to hear, let us know how it goes!


I noticed that I need the iOS beta if I want to test the OSX one so csn you please add me to testflight.


Hi I’m on the MacOS beta and realize I need the iOS one too.




Please leave a post in this topic and we’ll add you the next round:


May I test the iOS beta, please?


Please give me a Testflight for ios beta. I try the Beta for MacOS, but ios and betaOS dos not sync.


Can i join the iOS beta please?


Please add me to the iOS Beta.
Thank you


Yes please add me to the beta too. A testflight invite would be lovely.


I would like to join IOS beta program.


Please join me also to ios beta - just installed the mac beta 4.0 - great !


I would like to join iOS beta tester.