Integrating Devonthink

Agenda is the most convenient app to take advantage of calendar events and I think its really cool.

I am trying to move agenda’s notes to devonthink.

I know there have been quite a few attempts to move agenda’s content to devonthink like me. But nothing met my expectations.

  1. If you share or export multiple notes at once, they will be merged into one.
    When multiple notes are combined, it becomes inconvenient to sort.

  2. agenda’s tags do not apply to devonthink and mac.

I haven’t completely abandoned evernote because of this problem —Evernote can easily load notes from within devonthink and the tags are compatible so I didn’t have to create a new file in devonthink to import the notes.
(But crucially you cannot use a timeline like agenda)

I don’t want to just use links or export text or notes one by one as others have tried. I have to use a lot of notes, so it will be very difficult.

Is there any other way in which agenda’s notes can be used in devonthink?
(Or can my wishes be updated?)

Unfortunately I’m not a Devonthink user myself, but perhaps others can chime in how they use the two in combination.

A simple step to take would be to export multiple notes as separate files.

Proposal: Add a new multiple-files export option to Mac, either a new menu item or an alternate menu item that appears when you hold option while hovering over Export.

Add a checkbox to the export dialog to allow overwriting existing files with same name. This is because DEVONthink lets you index a folder, so you can export to the same folder multiple times to get new / updated content into DEVONthink.

I’m not sure how to create a new option, but I’ll give it a try. Thank you.

Sorry, I was unclear. That’s a proposal for the developers of how to implement export in a way that would be helpful to DEVONthink users.

Then it seems difficult for me to try. Anyway, thanks for the answer

Interesting idea of using DEVONthink. I’m an avid user of DEVONthink myself, but I primarily use it as a document repository for PDF files.

Notes dragged out of Agenda become RTFD files when dropped into Finder … or DEVONthink. If you have a shelf app like Yoink you can drag notes to Yoink and then to DEVONthink. Or drag directly into a DEVONthink database and group.

A selection of notes dragged to DEVONthink will be imported there as a single RTFD file. You can put the cursor into a point where you want to split the imported document and use DEVONthink > Tools > Split Document to create two files. Repeat as needed.