Insertion cursor jumping when I try to insert text

What I did:When I place the insertion bar at a location where I wish to insert new text,

What happened: the insertion point jumps back to some earlier editing location and places the new text there.

What I expected:I want the insertion bar to stay where I place it.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):it happens on my ipad and on my macbook pro

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I have similar problem with my Agenda on macOS. The Agenda is creating empty rows in a Note with neverending repetition. It is not usable. Could this be because I am using macOS public beta?


I think these are two different issues. I have seen the cursor jump, but not been able to isolate what causes it. If you notice when this happens (eg what action you took), please let me know.

The extra rows I have not seen. There is an issue we just fixed where if you had an empty line at the end of a list, it would turn into an empty list item next time you opened the note. Is that what you are seeing?

We have another issue we are fixing now where it is possible for notes to be cropped, top or bottom, making it look like things are missing. But I guess that is not what you are seeing.

If this is easy for you to reproduce, perhaps you could make a screen capture to show it happening. Might give us some clues. You can send it to

It simply does this automatically:

We hope to push a new beta out tomorrow that hopefully addresses the issues with the repeating checklist item, let us know if you still see it after the update.

Thanks. Can you enroll me in beta program? Not using Agenda these days makes me a bit more anxious :slight_smile:
Thank you!

We’ve just released a new mac beta, you’ll find the instructions on how to install it here: Many thanks for your help!