Improvements to the Calendar Controls

This app is great.

Just a small point: it would be helpful for me if the mini view of what I have planned for the week was ‘rolling’, that is, if once I set it to 10 days it could keep displaying the next ten days until a different option was selected.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Can you explain that a bit more?

Note that you can setup saved searches for what you want:

  • Click Search All
  • In the calendar control next to it, choose a date range covering the next 10 days
  • Save the search, calling it “Next 10 days”
  • When asked, make sure the dates are relative, ie, move forward as time progresses.


Thanks for your reply, Drew.

Sure thing. In the right hand column it displays my upcoming calendar events. I can click on the calendar icon, and display ‘next week’, ‘next ten days’, ‘this month’, and so on. It would just be nice if I could keep, say, the next ten days/ the next month/this month displayed there, without needing to constantly click on the calendar and set it to that (and for it to roll over in the way described above).

Hope that helps.

I think I follow what you would like.

The mini control in the right panel actually follows what your selection is. If you select a note with a date tomorrow, that calendar will show you tomorrow, so you can see what is relevant to what you are editing.

If there is no selection, it shows today. I guess what you are requesting is that by default, when there is no selected note, you could have some setting for what is showing. Instead of just today, you could perhaps choose to always have the coming week shown there. Is that what you mean?

Speaking for myself…YES!


Hi there Drew.

Apologies, you put it much better than I could. (I forgot that it changes when you select a note).

But yes, that was it!

Thanks for your hard work on the app.

Best wishes


Hey Drew,

Just to say a huge thanks for implementing the change. I asked, you listened! This has made Agenda even more fantastic for me.



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Glad you like it. I think @mekentosj deserves the credit for this one.

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