Import from apple notes with formatting

besides importing images (which i know is in the works) … it would be awesome if you guys were able to keep the formatting of when importing to adgenda

Unfortunately, Apple’s Notes doesn’t export all the information. The data that is sent to Agenda by the Notes app does not include, for example, check lists as a special type, and other important formatting. It is very simple data.

We do use all the information we have to try to figure out what formatting there is, but that is not enough. It seems Apple would rather not have other apps copy the data from Notes, so they make the data incomplete.

Waiting for Agenda for iOS, I try to use Apple Notes when I am on the move and want to take a note, for example, of a quick meeting to export to Agenda when I am at the desk. Is not possible to import in Agenda just one Apple Note per time, instead of all of them? Thanks!

We may allow selection of Apple Notes at some point, but there is no time right now, because we are working so hard making the iOS app :wink:

It sounds very good that you are working very hard to make iOS app… Looking forward to using it! :grinning:
Is not possible to have some general anticipation on it? It would be nice to get to know…

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