Import, Export, Sharing, and Automation



it would be suuuuuper useful if we can add images and videos on agenda. thats like only thing that is missing to be perfect


Your instructions for importing refers to using the File menu, Which I infer that it means using a Mac. I do not have a Mac, but use an iPhone, iPad, and Windows PC. Is there a way to import using an iPhone or iPad?

I have many notes in the iOS app called Drafts. It can export into a CSV or JSON file. Is there a way I can import all my notes into Agenda?


You can export an entire project by clicking the three dots next to a selected project in the sidebar, followed by tapping Share

There’s no such way yet.

This is our next top priority with the iOS app out of the way, see The features we are working on right now…


If you ask your device to open one of the supported file types in Agenda it will import the notes (at the moment, Rich Text, Mark down, and the Agenda file format are supported)

I have many notes in the iOS app called Drafts. It can export into a CSV or JSON file. Is there a way I can import all my notes into Agenda?

Not easily no I’m afraid.


I too am trying to share notes, calendar, projects, etc. with my boss. We can’ t quite figure it out. I want the Agenda app to work for us, but it doesn’t seem terribly intuitive? Does anyone have tips on sharing information via Agenda without emailing files back and forth?


Unfortunately you can’t yet share notes by say inviting others to it within Agenda, we hope to bring such features in the future but for now the only way is through sharing Agenda files I’m afraid.


I agree - collaboration with other users is a must


Would love it if the create callback scheme added the “date” parameter. Would solve the request listed here: Set arbitrary date with keyboard


That’s indeed on our to-do list.


Also: documentation for this needs to be updated in the “create-note” sections (example uses the open-note command)


Thanks, updated


Any chance to add “on-agenda=true/false” to the scheme?

I’ve cooked up a Shortcut to copy emails to my clipboard and then import them as new notes. I’d like to flag those as “On the Agenda” when the URL scheme runs.



Good suggestion, thanks!


Hi there, what format does the date need to be in if using absolute date? I’m passing through DD-MM-YYYY but it’s not accepting it. Relative dates work (ie. Today).


Love this URL scheme support! The date doesn’t seem to fully assign the date as expected, though (date showing in the upper right of the note). Is there something I’m missing? Example URL:


Running this from iOS 2.2.1.




The optional parameters aren’t yet supported on iOS, only on Mac. They will also be supported on iOS in the next update.


Try YYYY-MM-DD, for example, this works for me:



Ack, I didn’t even see that. Sorry! Thanks for the reply!


Searching and Filtering

Is there a way to use the x-callback scheme make the shortcuts app choose the parameter “Project Title” from the existing projects in Agenda?


Unfortunately not at this time I’m afraid.