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Yes, share extensions are definitely in our roadmap.



Any way to transfer notes from standard iOS notes app to Agenda?


I successfully used the Mac version File Menu —> Import —> Apple Notes.

All my Apple Notes were imported.

However, I still have the same question regarding iOS. My imported notes are still not showing on my iPad Pro, although the Category I created does show.


Indeed that’s the way to import your notes from Apple Notes (this only works on the Mac).


Do any notes sync? Do these tips help? Syncing between desktop and iOS


I am still unclear about exporting a project. I can see the gear icon under an individual note to share but I don’t know where to do that to export an entire project. Please help.


Hi there, I’m trying to import my notes in Apple REMINDER (not Apple Notes) to Agenda.

Is there a way to do it? If not, is there a workaround?

Thanks in advance.



it would be suuuuuper useful if we can add images and videos on agenda. thats like only thing that is missing to be perfect


Your instructions for importing refers to using the File menu, Which I infer that it means using a Mac. I do not have a Mac, but use an iPhone, iPad, and Windows PC. Is there a way to import using an iPhone or iPad?

I have many notes in the iOS app called Drafts. It can export into a CSV or JSON file. Is there a way I can import all my notes into Agenda?


You can export an entire project by clicking the three dots next to a selected project in the sidebar, followed by tapping Share

There’s no such way yet.

This is our next top priority with the iOS app out of the way, see The features we are working on right now…


If you ask your device to open one of the supported file types in Agenda it will import the notes (at the moment, Rich Text, Mark down, and the Agenda file format are supported)

I have many notes in the iOS app called Drafts. It can export into a CSV or JSON file. Is there a way I can import all my notes into Agenda?

Not easily no I’m afraid.


I too am trying to share notes, calendar, projects, etc. with my boss. We can’ t quite figure it out. I want the Agenda app to work for us, but it doesn’t seem terribly intuitive? Does anyone have tips on sharing information via Agenda without emailing files back and forth?


Unfortunately you can’t yet share notes by say inviting others to it within Agenda, we hope to bring such features in the future but for now the only way is through sharing Agenda files I’m afraid.


I agree - collaboration with other users is a must

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These instructions are for importing on a Mac… How do I do it on iPad?


On iOS the import process starts from the other end, the app that contains the data to import (e.g. Mail, Files, etc), tell it to export or open the file in Agenda and at that point Agenda will come to the front and ask you where to import it into (new project, existing project, etc).


Thought I would leave a comment for anybody else, I am using Bear, and if you use the little info icon in the upper right, you can then choose export options in the bottom of the right hand side bar that opens and choose mark down to share the particular note to Agenda from there.


I cannot stress how I miss sharesheet sharing in my standard workflow. Sharing a simple URL address of opened Safari page would be a great start, sharing a picture from photo gallery much welcome improvement (etc. :).

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