iCloud sync not up to date

What I did: Deleted and reinstalled Agenda

What happened: Everything came back as it was around 2 weeks ago

What I expected: To retrieve all my notes as they were before deleting Agenda

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): v11.2 Ipad os up to date, sync with icloud.

You will ask my why I deleted Agenda. Well it is because of an other bug… I could no longer insert dates using the action \date or the toolbar button. It would just insert a space. Same thing with time. Also, when sharing a note or project, share sheet was not working as well. I could not select anything. It would just not respond at all.
Now, the date action is working, share sheet too but seems to still bug at times.

Back to my Icloud issue, how can I get back my notes?


Are you sure you left it long enough to sync? Sometimes it can take a while, my suggestion would be to leave your iPad charging and keep Agenda open to let it sync for a while more.

Regarding the \date no longer working, it sounds like you changed the format. The way to restore this next time is to type \date(default), we’ll also see if this can be done automatically under these circumstances.

Also, when sharing a note or project, share sheet was not working as well. I could not select anything. It would just not respond at all.

Is this when sharing from Agenda to another app, or from another app to Agenda?

After release of Agenda 12, I removed beta versions from my Mac (version from web), iPad and iPhone. Then I re-downloaded “normal” versions from the (Mac) App Store. All OK, except iPhone. On iPhone, my notes reversed to data from yesterday and syncing stopped working. I removed and re-downloaded Agenda from the App Store, now all notes are gone. I have empty Agenda and syncing is not working. This issue, as I said, did not affect iPad and Mac.

Agenda 12, syncing service is iCloud, iPhone 11 running the latest iOS software.

You shouldn’t downgrade from Agenda 12 to Agenda 11. Perhaps that has something to do with it.

Are you currently on the latest Agenda (12) again?

Is it possible you are running two copies of Agenda at the same time? You don’t want to do that.

Do you have all the data on other devices? If so, your best bet may be a reset of the data on that Mac. If you want to try that, let me know, and I’ll send instructions.

Also worth making sure you are using the same iCloud account on each device and Mac AND that iCloud Drive is switched on for each device and Mac. Sync can’t work without that.

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I have exactly the same problem right now. Mac and iPad versions are fine but iPhone does not sync at all.

Last year I did the same, installed beta on all of my devices but iPhone did not return to normal for me too.

Please don’t crosspost in multiple post, I’ve answered your questions here: No iPhone sync whatsoever