I need your confirmation to use Agenda complimentarily in my company



Hello I’m Royce living in Seoul, South Korea.
I really really want to use Agenda.
But I can use every free software in my company only if
there is some description about it is free not only for individual but also for company.
But I can’t find any description about Agenda for company license.
So I want you to confirm if the Agenda is free for company license too.
Of course, I use only free feature. May I ask your explicit confirmation for me?
Thanks very much for your amazing app Agenda.

On the opposite side of the globe.
Nam Royce.


Agenda is free to use for everyone, including anyone in a company. The premium pack has a cost, and is per user, but if you don’t need that, anyone in the company can use the app free.


Thank you so much!
I love Agenda forever.