How to unlink selected text

What I did: Added a hyperlink that was auto-detected, attempted to add text in front of the link that was not hyperlinked

What happened: The hyperlinked text remained for the text typed in front of the link. I attempted to click in front of the link to add new text that was not part of the hyperlink but it kept forcing me to open up the hyperlink instead. I also attempted to highlight the text I needed to be normal un-linked text and there was no option to “unlink” the fragment.

What I expected: The ability to put the text cursor in front of the hyperlinked text to edit or add text. The ability to select a fragment of the hyperlinked text to “unlink” that text.

Things that might be helpful to know: Agenda 2.0, OS 10.13.3, MacBook Pro.

My recommendation: Rework the “formatting tools” so that they appear above or in direct correlation to text you have selected instead of based on the line or row of text you are within.


If you right-click the link you can choose Remove Link to remove the URL.

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I found it after I made this post! Glad the option is there :grinning:. Thanks!

I hope you guys are planning on a more obvious and user friendly formatting bar in the future. Or at least have a “note” that explains where all those options are in some manner on first use. Either way, the feature is there, that’s what matters most.