How to remove or delete the default shortcuts operations?



Hi there,
First I have to say you are doing a great job, I love this app the time I open it.

I encountered two problems:

  1. it breaks down sometimes.
  2. I would like to use some special characters like @, #, _, <, > .etc, but when they combined with some letters like _i, the words become italic, until another _i with a space or enter is pressed. Is is possible to manage those characters by myself in the future?

thank you, Vic


Can you be specific about what sort of ‘breakdowns’ you are seeing?

The italic behavior etc is due to markdown shortcuts we support. You can avoid markdown in a section of text by making the text “fixed width” or using the “preformatted” paragraph format. See the format menu for those. Any text with these attached is not handled using markdown.


When I enter something like " how_the_weather_doay" with more than one “_”, it will looks like: “howtheweather_today”, it confused me a bit in the first time.
There must be many hide skills I haven’t learned.

Your suggestions work for me, thank you.


Are you using version 2.1.1?


it’s Version 1.2, download from Mac App Store


That does explain a lot, make sure you update the app to the latest version (2.1.1)



Thank you.