How do I start a project with other Agenda users and stay synced?

What I did: I started a new project and will hold this document up2date with other agenda users

What happened: i cant add multiple persons when trying to add them to the project

What I expected: i expected the option like on apple notes, that when someone edits anything in the note, it will update on every other device from involved users

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda Version 14.1.1 (231)
iPadOS 16.1 (Beta - But it wont worked on other previous versions of iPadOS
iPad Pro 12.9
MacBook Pro M1 Max
iPhone 12 Pro

Ok here is what i wanna have to work


We are 4 People with an agenda account. I wanna start a new Project with all my ideas, thoughts, what we need and stuff like that. I wanna share this document with the other 3 agenda users. And then the document shoudl stay up2date on every device, when all the other users add their thoughts, ideads etc.

I tried this so many times without any luck. It doesnt matter how i share the document as an agenda file, agenda shortcut or whatever over AirDrop. All of the other users get the message on their devices, that i sent them a file/shortcut, they accept and nothing happens. No one sees the file/shortcut or anything

Today i read a posting from 2018 that it wasnt possible to edit synced documents, but it was in the planning. I cant and will not believe that this isnt integrated today, because all other apps have that option. It works like a charme on the standard apple note app and the notes sync immediately after someone add anything to the note. But we want to have more options and agenda has them all.

Can anyone tell or explain me if this is possible and how to get started to create such projects/notes i explained above?


Hi Markus,

Setting up shared notes is a feature that will be part of the upcoming Agenda 16 update, currently in internal testing, it should go in beta soon and we plan to ship it alongside the macOS13 release.

Wow that was a very quick reply. Thanks for that.

The good news, that this will come to agenda. The bad news is, that this isnt already implemented in agenda. I will be honest… if i had knew this before, no one of us would have bought agenda premium.

But anyways… we will stay with agenda, because every other user is using the app for all their notes already.

How can i be part of the beta program? I am experienced beta tester for lots of other appes. Currentyl testing Spark 3.0 in beta stadium.

Hopefully we do not have to wait that long, because we have to get things organized very soon.

Thank you

Best is to leave a message in this thread, we’ll then invite you the moment it’s available. Thanks!

Hi, I share the same experience as @makus on this one. Would really want to share my document with the users I have enrolled. If possible we would like to join the Beta test as soon as possible.

I’ve added you both to TestFlight, the iOS version is already available, the macOS beta is unfortunately still in beta, hopefully available soon.

Ici , so I’m interested to.