How do I date-order all projects regardless of category

I’ve been looking for a way to list all of the Agenda projects in date order, regardless of the category in which they reside. I wear a lot of hats at our local hospital (think category) with a lot of repetitive issues (think of multiple projects every month in each category), so looking an ordered list of everything selected for Agenda in chronological order would be enormously helpful by decreasing the possibility of missing something important. Please let me know if this date-ordered display of all projects is already available, or let me encourage you to add it to your To-Do list. Varying the date-order (near to far, far to near) would be really helpful, too. Thanks.

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At the moment it’s not possible to create an overview of notes from various projects in an ungrouped fashion. One of the biggest challenges is how to display notes that don’t have a date, do they sort to the bottom, and in which order etc. We would like to allow this though, it’s on our list of things to tackle.

You seem to have missed the point of the question: "I’ve been looking for a way to list all of the Agenda projects in date order…”. I too am looking for a way to list PROJECTS in a different order than alphabetically. NOT, as you move immediately to, as "an overview of notes from various projects in an ungrouped fashion…”. The PROJECTS are, for me, the most important element and having them in ascending or decending order of priority is critical. At present, it seems one can only achieve this by inserting a letter of the alphabet at the beginning of a project name. Is this correct…?

This is correct, manual sorting of projects is something on our wish list. To sort projects on date order (does this mean last edited or the project with the most recent containing note) is something I haven’t seen being asked for before.

Thanks for the prompt response. It is appreciated. My own request relates specifically to manual sorting of Projects by simply moving a project up or down or between others according to my needs. (I just couldn’t think how to phrase that.) As I do with other Apps, such as Adobe InDesign and its various elements. Please let me know when it gets off the “wish list” and into action. As I say, the Project area is the most critical for me, as a book publisher, and being able to manually list Projects/book titles according to my own quite quirky requirements regarding editing, page design, layout, printing and much more with freelance people noted along the way and that may or may not have dates involved at any given time, would go a long, long way towards making my life a great deal easier.


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I feel the same way, sometimes I would want to order My Agenda the following way by ascending date order.

  1. Project 1 - Note 1
  2. Project 2 - Note 1
  3. Project 2 - Note 2
  4. Project 1 - Note 2

But right now, I can only view separated by different Categories, which makes it hard to see the agenda purely from a date perspective.

Yup. Would be really nice, especially since DayOne, Evernote and Bear have this as one of the standard views. We’re kind used to also view things this way. It’s also a nice review perspective!