Help with Shortcut Concept?

Hi folks!

I have a concept that I’ve been working on that I would like to make better, but I don’t know if what I want to do is possible. Hoping others can chime in about whatI’m trying to accomplish.

Right now, I have a Shortcut that creates a daily journal note in Agenda, where due and flagged Reminders are added as checklist items, and I rapid log other tasks that come in to my life that day.

From it, I can share the note to one of two other Shortcuts:

  1. looks at the checklist of items that were created as part of the note creation, finds completed ones, then edits the actual Reminders to make them complete also. Like reconciling the two, I guess.
  2. looks at rapid logged tasks and adds them to Reminders

This is a workflow I’m enjoying, because it basically makes my daily Agenda note the main “work surface” for my day. What I think would be easier still is if my note had a few emojis added to it that I could click to execute the Shortcuts above.

Now, the emojis I can add no problem, and linking them is no problem either, but I don’t think I can, through Shortcut/URL scheme, “get” the contents of a particular note. Is that right? Sure, I can share to the Shortcut, but on phone, that’s several taps, so I was hoping to get it to one.

Appreciate any ideas here!


Hi Scotty,

Not fully understanding the issue. Is it that you want the link on the emoji to already have the content of the note in it? Or is the idea that it would somehow take the content of the note when clicked, a bit like javascript might do on a web site?

I can think of two avenues to try. One would be that the link just goes to some other app or shortcut, and trampolines off of it. That other app or shortcut would ask Agenda for the content of the note. Alternatively, I think it would also work to trampoline off Agenda itself: you would have the emoji point to an Agenda URL that gets the note content, and the success URL of that Agenda link would then point to your shortcut.

I haven’t tried either of these things. If you do give it a go, let us know if you get stuck, and whether we can make some tweaks to make it work.


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The avenues you’re describing are exactly what I was thinking, @drewmccormack - thanks! I’m just not sure how to ask Agenda for the content of a note from a Shortcut, or have a URL that gets the note content. Are there some details about how I could do one or either of those?

Thanks so much!


Unfortunately it isn’t yet possible to “read” the content of a note, the x-callback-url interface to Agenda is “write only”, we hope to add the read side of things in an update not too far in the future.

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Okay, I figured that was the case, but I thought I’d see.

Certainly, I can do this by sharing the note to invoke Shortcuts, but I thought it would be cool to have a note that is also my interface to manipulating my workflow.

Excited for a future update - let me know if you want an early feedback with this use case :sunglasses:

Cheers, and thank you as always, @mekentosj and @drewmccormack!