Handwritten Notes on iOS

I really like this app …
Personally I use my IPad and Notability to creare Notes during Meetings and Telephone Calls - also for MindMapping. It would be a very big benifit to add this notes ( or create handwritten notes ) here also !!!
Is there any plan to develop it soon ???


See this post:


Just seconding the idea of some sort of handwritten note functionality. I use Notability too, but I’m not loyal to it.

Right now I use both Agenda and Notability. Have handwriting support in Agenda will be much better as I won’t have to switch between the two.

I’d like to add my voice to this suggestion too. I do the same thing - I use my iPad Pro all the time for handwritten notes with my Apple Pencil and Nebo and then cut and paste the converted notes into Agenda. Nebo was selected for convenience and because its handwriting to text conversion seems to be pretty good. Being able to easily move notes into Agenda would be a big plus.

I’ve switched fo Agenda for its note taking, note organizing and calendar linking convenience.
Having the possibility to handwrite using the iPad Pro and pencil would be a fantastic addition.
It would definitely help Agenda take larger markets - and make my life so much easier!

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