Group “right-click” commands are awkard

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

This is a great program with tremendous potential. Simple fixes and tweaks in the UI would make it much better.

  1. I can’t select multiple items, right-click, and have the action affect all highlighted items. That would make the process much simpler and faster of applying a new attribute to each file.

  2. Font-size. Within iOS especially, note-title font-size is awkward. It’s much larger comparable to the text. Would it be possible to adjust font-size by pt. size?

  3. Title-format: Would it be possible to make the note-titles wrap around instead of continuing in-line, and thus be blocked? iOS especially. Take a look at what I mean here:

Thank you for your effort, skills, and knowledge in creating a great product. It’s really on its way.


Hi Seth,
Thanks for the feedback!

The note titles on iOS are a top priority for us. Indeed, wrapping is the way we plan to go.

Selecting multiple items should be possible on the Mac, but probably not on iOS. We will consider if that is doable in an intuitive way.

Kind regards,

Just a follow up on what @drewmccormack mentioned, indeed on iPhone (iOS) you can’t multiple select items, on iPad (iPadOS) you can: once you start dragging a first note you can add notes to the selection by tapping with the other hand additional notes. This would allow you to drag multiple notes to Today or the Bin for example. It won’t allow for using a contextual menu alas.

For multiple selection on iOS, would you consider (something like) the behavior of Things 3, where swiping left on an item activates “select mode”, turning the remaining list items into selectable options with a bulk action toolbar along the bottom?

That’s indeed a nice solution, noted.