Grids, lines and dot-matrix in handwriting

Hey Drew, Alex,
I assume your most polarizing feedback right now is likely with regards to handwriting, so I don’t want to push too much, but I feel like (with little basis), it would be relatively simple to add the option to use grids, line, and/or dot-matrix backgrounds in handwriting. It would actually be really neat to have the ability to select whether the overlay appeared just when editing the handwriting, or also when viewing it in-line with the note. Not sure if this is nearly as simple as it would seem to implement, but just wondering if you may be working on something like this.

Great job on handwriting by the way. I love how you’ve done it. Obviously everyone would love recognition to make the, searchable, but I imagine most understand how expensive, time consuming, and privacy comprising that would be. You guys have done an awesome job of keeping the discussions civil in the face of people being very unrealistic with their requests, so I also just wanted to thank you for remaining very professional and understanding to the knowledge of the community. I live out of Agenda, and am really genuinely pretty convinced that there is no better tool out there for me that can handle organizing my entire life with such finesse.


Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, we have heard the request for grid lines etc quite a few times. It is certainly an improvement we would like to add in time. Can’t say exactly when, but it’s in the roadmap.

Kind regards,

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