Graceful Search Move

Hi folks!

I feel like I often search for things in Agenda while I’m in a project (since search is an omnipresent t function), but since what I’m looking for isn’t in the project I’m in, I get notified that I should try and search all, but there isn’t a navigation to do so.

I feel like it would be nice to be able to define search scope (current project/view or anywhere) from the search interface all the time rather than having two different search experiences.

Just some general feedback, keep up the awesome work!


Thanks for the feedback!

We certainly have plans to improve search. For now, the scope is determined by the selection in the sidebar. If a project is selected, we start by searching that. If “Search All” is selected, that is the whole library.

If you have searched in a project, you can extend to search all with one click. There is a “Search in All Projects” item at the bottom of the popup that appears when you type in the search box. Clicking that will broaden the search. Is that what you were looking for?

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Hi Drew!

I think I’m thinking phone experience explicitly here, where I go through a number of cycles of:

  • search for something
  • say “Gah!” when I realize that I can’t get to the results intended
  • pull out the sidebar
  • tap Search All
  • then I’m there

I realize this is a pretty minor quibble and I really should learn, I’m just hoping to be able to skip the middle three bullets in my experience :joy:

Thanks for the quick response!


I see. We have some somewhat ideas about where we want to go with Search. It’s a big project, so might take a while, but things will probably change a lot at that time.

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