Getting the list of projects from Agenda in a shortcut


Is there a way to get a list of all the projects in a Shortcut? Basically I have a « dev recap » shortcut that I use to quickly add a formatted note in Agenda that acts as a development recap of my day, with the text I input in the shortcut popup.

Thing is, I have to make one shortcut per project to do that right now; i’d like instead to have one « global » shortcut that offers a dropdown list of all the projects, I chose which one I want to create a recap for, then ask for the text.

Is that possible?

That’s not yet possible, the current x-callback-url support focuses on the write-side of things, i.e. writing things into Agenda. We hope to bring the counterpart reading from Agenda (note content, project lists, etc) in a future update as well.