Get new reminder's name from To-do item


When I create a new reminder, name of note goes to name of new reminder.
My idea is, it would be great If content of To-do item goes to name of new reminder.

Thanks a lot!

Yes, this is indeed a regression that we hope to fix soon in a small update, the title should indeed be the content of the to-do list item, as it was working before. Thanks for reporting!

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Got the same isue here with Agenda 12.0.1 (178)
when I use a template containing \remind the title of the reminder is sample note

Thanks to have a look

Can you send us a series of screenshots of what you describe?

Glad to know it is not just me misunderstanding.

Hi Thanks for the quick reaction see below
I create a new note from template
See below my template, my note and the asociated reminder


Cheers, and just to be sure, you expected the reminder to have the Todo 13.02.21 title?

Yeap it make sense :slight_smile:

Ok, we’ll take a look, thanks for clarifying!