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What I did: I write hand written notes during the meetings.

What happened: I save hand-written notes and display them using full width display mode. The full width does not use the full screen width.

What I expected: That the handwritten note will be displayed the full screen width and I will be able to scroll within the handwritten note up and down. The way how it is displayed now does not make it possible to read any lengthier hand written note, without reopening the hand written note. Especially on Mac, the note opens in preview, scaled for the complete note to be visible and one needs to scale it up in order to have it displayed the full screen width. Makes Agenda quite clumsy to use for hand written notes.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

I’m afraid there is not that much we can do about this, without completely changing the type of app that Agenda is. You may be better with a tool that is completely focused on handwriting, like Goodnotes, Penultimate etc

Why do I say this? We already do use the full width of the text area for images, so your images will always be smaller than when you wrote them on the full screen. Making them full width would interfere with sidebars etc, and not look very good in comparison to the rest of the text.

One thing we do is put a maximum height on images. If you take several pages of handwritten notes, you may end up with a very skinny image, due to the maximum height constraint. If you think it would be worth while removing this restriction, we can consider that. Perhaps that would make things better for multiple pages of notes.

Kind regards,

Hi Drew,

thank you for your prompt reply. I definitely did not mean to change the user interface paradigm.I just wished you would not constrain the max height, but would really use the maximum width (as one would expect from the menu Full Width of Attached File) of the note. By vertical scrolling I could easily read the handwritten notes without having to waste clicks for opening them in full screen view.

I choose Agenda because of the integration with Reminders and Calendar. But for me it is a smart (hand)note taking tool during the meetings. I would not like to switch to the pure note taking apps. The only alternative (which integrates in Outlook) could be OneNote.

Would be really happy if you could adapt the view accordingly.

Best regards,


Yes, now that we have pencil input, it does make more sense to not impose a maximum height. Scrolling would be tricky I think. You end up with a scroll in a scroll.

We will think about it. Perhaps we will just allow very high images, so they can go out to where the text finishes in width).

Anyone else out there have an opinion?


Hi Drew,

Thinking it over, I do not believe that you would need two containers and scroll in scroll. It is enough if you format the handwritten note file in a way „promised by the menu“ - Full Width. It will just occupy the full width of the Agenda and by scrolling down the note I will be able to read even a lengthy handwritten note. I believe this to be minor change and the menu Full width will leave up to its promise.


Yes, of course this is an easy fix. It does mean a tall image will require a lot of scrolling, but I guess that is quite rare. We’ll think about it.

Hi Drew,

Thank you very much for implementing the full width option. Now it is perfect.


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Glad you like it!

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