Frustrations after 1 year: any workarounds?


I’ve been using Agenda for about a year now and am considering whether I renew my subscription. I’ve largely been happy with Agenda, but two things are constantly frustrating me. I know they’re not huge things, but it has led me to start using Agenda less and less as time goes on.

The biggest is Search. I take notes all over the place through many categories, and when I want to search I almost always want to search everywhere to do that. To Search All you need to start your search and then click the Search All on the left (or the other way around). Is there a way to make that simply the default?

The other issue is similar: if I want to add a note to a Category linked to a meeting, I have to click the category, which takes my calendar from today to the last note’s date. Then I have to click the calendar and then click on Today to get it back to current.

Like I said, neither are major issues, but they are both pretty tedious. Is there a better way?


The search is definitely something we want to make snappier and easier to use. That is a major project, and is in our roadmap.

Re: calendar, Agenda is not intended to replace your calendar app, it is supposed to integrate with it and work closely with the notes. It has a calendar view on the right, which follows your focus. So if you select a note, it shows the date and related notes for that selected note. In other words, it is more like a “related” inspector, rather than a static calendar.

It’s difficult to see how we could change that and still keep this “related” aspect. You would just end up with a copy of the calendar app on the right side, and linking notes, or seeing what events are on the day of the selected note would be made much more difficult.

We do have an idea about a change that would mean you could always jump to today with one click. Perhaps that will help, while still keeping the info of the selected note in view by default.

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Also, note that it can also help to do things the other way around, i.e. instead of first selecting the project and then clicking the event to create a linked note, you can:

  1. when you are on an overview (today, on the agenda etc), immediately click the event and select to create a new linked note, as this will then present a menu to pick the project to create it in (so without you having to first select the project and lose the calendar position)

  2. when you are in a different project, immediately click the event and create a new linked note for it (which will end up in the project you are currently in), then drag it to the project you want it to be in.

Drew, I do disagree a bit with your second point, as the intention wasn’t to replace my calendar. I do utilize a fully-separate calendar app. My goal is simply to somehow make it easier to create a new entry.

Say you were looking at old notes, but now you sit down in a meeting. It would be nice for it to be easy to create a new note based on things happening now. Instead, it’s actually kind of difficult to do that.

mekentosj has some good suggestions, which I will try. Based on my understanding, a combination of a “Today” button and mekentosj’s suggestions would be ideal.

I’m happy to hear Search improvements are on the roadmap too, and appreciate the suggestions on how to improve my workflow.