Formatting keeps disappearing

Firstly I really like Agenda and currently using it on 2 iPads and MacBook Pro.
However I have just spent time added formatting to a number of notes in a project, bold, italics and underlining, to highlight important parts, etc. and virtually all the formatting has disappeared.
So I tried again and almost all of the formatting disappeared again. Some bolding stayed (it seems adding bolded text to the start of a sentence in a bullet point doesn’t save either) but most formatting disappeared.
If this could be fixed I would really be happy because this is how I take notes.

That is very odd, and certainly should not happen. It sounds like there may be an internal issue there. It is worth restarting all the apps. You could even consider restarting the devices entirely.

Where did you first enter the text? On Mac or iOS?

Is is possible one of the devices clock is wrong?

Kind regards,

Hì Drew

Thanks for the reply.

It’s all been done on the iPads. Mostly on an iPad Pro but some on an iPad Air 2, both running iOS11.4.

I have restarted the apps and the devices - and tested again. I bolded text on the iPad Pro and not only did it not sync to the Air it disappear from the Pro.

Both clocks are correct as far as I can see.


Hi Andrew,

We’ve just released a Agenda for iOS update (version 2.0), could you confirm whether when installed on both your iPads this solves the problem?

Hi guys
Have updated to 2.0 and seems to have corrected the issue.
Will let you know if it reoccurs.

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Great to hear Andrew!